Our vision is parents who are educated and prepared to care for a child with special needs.  Our vision is socially integrated children to whom physiotherapy and all required materials and methods are available, as well as good living conditions.

Our vision is future solutions for a fulfilling life in Latvia that are clear to everyone. Our vision is reaching a situation where it is not difficult for patients with rare diseases to have their diagnosis established.


The goals of the Foundation are:

Facilitating the provision of diagnostic, rehabilitation, training and care services, expert consultations and assistant services which are not sponsored by the State for children with special needs.
Providing material support – clothing, pampers, footwear, means of transport, technical aids, medicine etc.– which is not sponsored by the State to children with special needs.
Organising and implementing the activities of groups of support, educational events for parents with children with special needs.
Organising public events, camps for children with special needs and their families.
Organising events for the social integration of people with special needs.
by using the funds available for the Foundation and donations contributed to it.


The Foundation shall, for the purpose of carrying out its tasks:

Organise allocation of funds for attaining the goals.
Attract funds and other material means and donations by individuals and legal entities to attain the goals of the Foundation.
Organise the management of items and material means granted and donated by and to the Foundation.
Carry out any other activities which are not in conflict with current law and contribute to attaining the goals of the Foundation.

About us

The Teodors Juris Foundation (‘the Foundation’) started out as a group of persons coming together to achieve good goals and share good ideas, understanding the needs in the situation that Teodors Juris Dreimanis and his next of kin have found themselves in.


Address: 34-3 Misas Street, Riga, LV-1058, Latvia

Phone: +371 22844298


Account for Donations

Swedbank AS, Bank code: HABALV2LV
Teodora Jura fonds
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